Published 2019

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal February 2019: Assessing the Price of Coffee
Fresh Cup February 2019: Equipment and Food Safety in the Cafe p. 32 Diversified Agroecology Part 1 p. 38
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal March 2019: Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee on Tap
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal April 2019: Blockchain Explained and What It Means for Coffee
Fresh Cup April 2019: Innovations at Origin 
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal May 2019: New Technologies for Brewing Today’s Teas
Fresh Cup October 2019: Do You Know James Harper? p. 20
Tea & Coffee October 2019: Central America at the Forefront of Coffee R&D
Fresh Cup November 2019: Holiday Gift Guide: Treats for Professional Tasters
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal November 2019: Carbon Neutral Coffee in Costa Rica
Fresh Cup December 2019: Southdown Coffee p. 18Green Coffee Contracting p. 44
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal December 2019: Sustainable Quality at Scale in Brazil and Colombia

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